Best Hashtags For TikTok

Best Hashtags For TikTok

Hi Everyone,

Let me make just one point clear before we start.

You don’t need hashtags at all to make your videos go viral on TikTok.

I know that many people will tell you otherwise, but my experience is different.

I have published many videos on TikTok that got millions of views, yet there were no hashtags in those videos.

Moreover, I sometimes shoot myself in the foot by using hashtags.

You see, the problem with hashtags is that sometimes the TikTok Algorithm doesn’t read them correctly, and thus it may block your videos from getting views.

I have tested it a few times, and I have noticed that sometimes reposting a video with no hashtags actually made a video that flopped turn into a viral video.

Saying this, my experience doesn’t have to be your experience, and you should always test everything for yourself.

The best hashtags for TikTok is really a combination of hashtags.

You don’t just want to use the most popular hashtags such as:

Group 1: #fyp,#foryoupage #tiktok

You will also want to use hashtags from Group 2 and Group 3.

Group 2: I will enter a few trending hashtags for every video. You can find the trending hashtags in the TikTok discovery page.

Group 3: Then go for more specific hashtags by inserting niche related hashtags (I am in the food niche, so I will enter hashtags like: food, foodie, dessert, pancake — if it is a pancake video)

That’s it.

Preferably, I will use 1–2 hashtags from each group for each one of my videos, but of course sometimes you might not be able to do that if the caption in your video description is too long (so try to adjust the caption accordingly).

My hashtags strategy is based on the logic, that you don’t only want to use hashtags from group 1 and 2 because even though those hashtags get many views, they are also very competitive and they also don’t give the algorithm enough / any information about your specific video (which may confuse the algorithm and prevent you from getting more views).

Hashtags from group 3 are the best hashtags, yet as I mentioned I will still insert hashtags from the other groups, because if my video does go viral I will want it to have a chance to rank into those other massively popular hashtags which might give it an extra boost in traffic.


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