How To Reverse Videos On TikTok

How To Reverse Videos On TikTok

From time to time I shoot food videos, and publish them on my TikTok channel.

Yet, somedays I just don’t have anything new to publish on TikTok.

When this happens I sometimes try to repost my old videos as I showed in my previous story, and his works very well for videos that flopped (and I want to give them another chance).

It also works great for videos that did incredibly well, and I want to see if I will get the same number of views, or even more, if I publish them again.

Another way that I use to show old videos in a new way is to simply show them in reverse.

Meaning, the video will start from its end, and play until it reaches its beginning.

So, if you would like to know how to reverse a TikTok video, then watch this video below.

Hope this video helps!
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