Hi, my name is Amir.

I am 40 years old (will be 41 in August 23, 2020, but who’s counting).

I still can’t believe I am going to be 41.

When I was at first grade in elementary school I remember that kids that were in their last year of studying looked to me as though they are 100 years old.

Then later when I was 18, and joined the army, soldiers that were 26 or 28 years old looked very old to me.

Then I was at their age, and then people who are 40 looked so old, and I am now about to be 41.

Time does travel fast.

Oh, I didn’t mention that I live in Israel.

I am an offline teacher and I am an online entrepreneur.

When people ask me what I am doing online it is very hard for me to explain, so I sometimes find myself telling that I do A to one person, and telling that I do B to another person.

I am not trying to lie, but I simply can’t find a good definition that will encapsulate exactly what I do.

I know that I create online courses, but I also have podcasts.

I sell merch, and books, but I also started doing drop servicing (outsourcing service).

Lately, I also started publishing videos on TikTok.

So, as you can see, it is very hard for me to pinpoint exactly what I do, because I only feel comfortable when I am doing everything.

It has always been like that for me.

When I was just 16 years old I opened a membership site under an online platform that is called BBS (Bulletin board system).

A few years later, I started to sell eBooks and domains on eBay, then I did drop shipping on eBay.

While selling on eBay I saw another seller from the UK (his name is John Thornhill) who was doing really well selling eBooks on the eBay platform.

I joined his coaching program in which he taught me how to create a digital eBook, and a website from which you sell the eBook.

I followed his videos, and was able to get an eBook website, that was selling a dating ebook, up and running.

While tying to get traffic to my new website, I saw a video on a membership site that is owned by an Internet Marketer called Jim Cockrum, and on his membership site (MySilentTeam) he shared a video about how to make money online by selling websites.

At this time, I was not successful at generating traffic to the website I have built, so I have decided to follow the video, and try to sell my website on the Sitepoint marketplace (now called Flippa.com).

The site didn’t sell the first time (It didn’t pass my $135 reserve price), but it did sell the second time for $220.

Up until then I only made a few dollars online, so earning $220 in one time was shocking.

I remember that I then asked myself:

Why don’t I just keep selling websites instead of selling eBooks.

So, I did just that and sold hundreds of websites on Flippa, and to private buyers.

Later on, I saw a YouTube video by a guy named Jason Fladlien in which he explained how to sell physical private label products on Amazon (Amazon is calling this program: Amazon FBA).

He explained that you can source products from China and sell them to USA customers.

I actually laughed when I watched his video, and I remember saying to myself that this is the last thing that I am going to do.

I never heard about Jason Fladlien before, but his method sounded too odd for me.

I remember wondering back then who is going to be so naive to implement this method, and actually source products from China to sell in the USA.

Well, as you might have already guessed, a few months later I had a product up on Amazon that I sourced from china.

I was amazed that I saw that the product has slowly started selling, and I was more amazed that I made a profit of around $1000 every day during the Christmas time.

That’s about it.

Since then I started selling many products on Amazon FBA, and on Merch By Amazon, and KDP (which is other Amazon platforms).

You can tell that I really like Amazon.

So, as you can see I did many things during my life, and these are only the things that I can remember now, I did SO much more.

I feel that even though we are all the same in one aspect, we are actually different in other aspects.

For example, I enjoy discovering new things, and sharing what I have discovered with others, yet I am the most inconsistent person in the world.

None of the money making methods that I described I am still doing fully today.

Not that those methods don’t work anymore (because many people are making a lot of money with them, and I still do them part time), but it seems that after I discover something new I no longer want to continue to do it.

Strange, but I guess that this who I am.

I keep following my enthusiasms, but can’t continue with none of them for a long time.

I guess it is because after some time the initial rush wears off, and it just feels like work rather than an exciting adventure that you are not sure where it is going to lead you.

Maybe I do my very best when I work in uncertainty.

For example, for the past 8 months or so, I have been publishing videos on TikTok.

This is the thing that excites me, and if you are not familiar with TikTok then I suggest that you install this app on your phone because it might excite you too.

If you want to check my profile there, then feel free to do so by clicking here

Take Care.

p.s: Get my full video course, and all my other courses for $12 per month through this link: https://bit.ly/2UB1HH7

I write stories that help you with business, marketing, and maximize your life to its full potential: https://bit.ly/3jwiCEq

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