The Number 1 Way To Be Successful On TikTok

Hi Everyone!

The best way to be successful in TikTok is to always test.

Let me explain what I mean by that.

TikTok is not static, it is not a chair nor a table, it changes constantly.

The TikTok algorithm changes.

The TikTok interface changes.

This means that what works amazingly today, might not work tomorrow.

The way you can help yourself become successful on TikTok is to:

Always experience with new ideas.

Again TikTok is not a static app, it changes all the time, and thus you need to change all the time to keep up with the changes.

Meaning, even if a certain method works great for you today, then don’t stop there, always publish new videos in which you test new ideas.

Now, when you test only test one thing at a time, so if your test becomes a success you will have a better idea of what caused this change to happen.

For example,

If you constantly publish videos that are around 15 seconds longs, and you want to test videos that are 8 seconds long, then only reduce the length of your videos and nothing more.

Don’t reduce the length and remove the music for example.

If you want to test if removing the music from your videos will get you more views then that’s fine, but do this test after you finish your current test of length reduction.

Obviously, there are many factors that determine how many views your video get.

For example the type of video you upload, and the country you are located in.

So, I say, just do your best by eliminating factors that you can control.

You can control how many changes you do in every test, you can control the type of video that you upload, and you can even control the time and day you post your videos.

So, let’s continue with the example.

If I want to test if a 8 seconds food video do better than a regular 15 seconds food videos.

I will pick videos on a certain topic (I will only test dessert food videos for example) decide the length of my videos help your videos, then just take the month of August for example, and then just post 15 seconds videos each Monday at 16:00 pm, then a month later post 8 seconds videos — again just on Monday at 16:00.

In this way you will be able to have better understanding if reducing video length matters.


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