Hi Everyone,

If you tried to make an online income then you don’t me to tell you that doing it today is challenging.

When I was young making money online was something that only the most odd people (that was me)in our society would do, but nowadays it seems that everyone with a computer or a smartphone is an online entrepreneur.

The reason I am mentioning that is not because it is a problem for me, but rather because I want you to be aware that in many cases if you decide to earn an income online you are going to face some fierce competition.

This is especially true when you try to get your name out on social platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook that have been around for a few years, but it is less true when we are talking about the new emerging social platform, TikTok.

So, Today I want to share with you adifferent methods that you can implement to earn an income from your TikTok account.

  1. Gifts — You can receive gifts while doing live streaming on TikTok. In order to go live you will need to have at least 1000 followers, and be at least 16 years old. Now, if you want to receive gifts and earn an income from Live Streaming you need to be at least 18 years.

So, the way you earn an income from Live Streaming on TIkTok is by receiving gifts from the viewers during your live steaming.

Viewers who love your videos, can simply send you gifts during your stream which you can later exchange for real money.

If you see that people are not giving you gifts during your stream, then you can simply try to give something in exchange for gifts.

For example, you can put a blanket or a board behind your seat, and say that you will write the gifters name on it.

Or you can simply say that you will give a shout-out to gifters.

If you are selling a digital product or a service, then you can give a product or a service for free in exchange for a gift, for example.

Doing live streaming on TikTok is not only good for earning an income, but it also builds a deeper connection with your followers who can now interact with you live.

You can learn how to to go live on TikTok here

  1. Selling Your Own Products And Services — You can else earn an income by promoting products and services during your live stream, So, if you have your own product / service you can talk about it during your stream.
  2. Selling An Affiliate Product — You can also sell other people’s products on your Live Stream. So, for example, you can go to an affiliate marketplace such as ClickBank.com, take the affiliate link of a product that you like and want to promote, and then mention your affiliate link during your live streaming. Then if someone buys the product through your affiliate link, you will get a commission from the sale.

If you do live streaming when you don’t have many followers then you will want to focus on engagement with your live stream viewers.

  • This is also true when you have many followers who watch your live streams, but it is especially true when you just have a few followers and you want to keep those followers on your stream.

When you are just starting out on TikTok you will usually just have a few people watching your streams, and you don’t want those people to hop off.

Because if those few people will hop off your stream, not only will you not get gifts, but new viewers will be hesitant to hop on as well because they will see that they are the only one there.

  • A great method to bring more people to watch your stream is to simply ask your current viewers during the stream to share the stream with their friends.

The best way that I found to keep the engagement going while streaming is to simply ask your viewers questions, and then comment on their replies.

You can also put a link to a product or service (whether it is a product that you yourself have created or an affiliate product) in the text that you put on the video, in the text that you put in your video’s caption, and of course in your account bio.

The links in your bio can also direct people to your Instagram where you can show images of your products or to your YouTube account where you can earn an income by running Google ads on your videos.

3. Get a Sponsor — You can contact businesses, and tell them that you are willing to promote their business on your TikTok account for a payment. If those businesses will ask you questions about your TikTok account analytics, then you can simply do a screenshot of the Analytics that TikTok gives you, and send it to them. This is why I suggest that you will switch your account from personal to a pro account from the day you install the TikTok app on your smartphone, so later down the road you will be able to share your analytics data if someone asks for it.

The best way that I found to get businesses to answer to your sponsorship requests is to contact businesses through their Instagram account.

Promoting businesses with your TikTok account is not only an amazing way to earn an income, but it is also an amazing way to cut down on your expenses.

For example, from time to time I will contact restaurants and ask them if I can shoot food preparation videos in their kitchen.

My intention of doing that was initially just to get new content to my TikTok account, but what I came to realize is that restaurants offered to give meals for a discount or completely free due to my promotional efforts.

It made me wonder why it took me so long to bring a camera to a restaurant. How much money could I have saved by just shooting a few videos when I go out to eat.

So, restaurants are just an example, you can brainstorm ideas on how you can implement my idea into your own niche.

If you spend a lot of money every month on buying video games for example, and you publish gaming videos on TikTok, then you can contact gaming companies, and tell them that you are willing to promote their games on your TikTok account in exchange for them giving you free games.

That’s it.

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