What Is The MultiVerse

What Is The MultiVerse


Hello, and welcome to the lesson,

In this lesson I want to explain what the MultiVerse is.

The MultiVerse is a Hypothesis that multiple universes exist, and all those universes combined encapsulate everything in existence.

I will start this lesson by talking a little about this Hypothesis, and then later I will explain the connection between this ancient Hypothesis to our everyday life.

You see, many of us believe that the universe that we all live in is the only universe that there is, but there is another theory called the Multiverse theory, and this theory goes back to Ancient Greek atomism.

The Multiverse theory goes against the notion that only one single universe exists, and it claims that there are actually multiple independently constantly expanding universes which are exactly like our universe.

Saying this, according to the MultiVerse theory the additional universes might have laws of physics that are slightly different form the laws of physics that have manifested in our Universe.

Moreover, some claim that those are not alternative universes, but really expanding universes that were created simultaneously, yet will never meet.

Each universe is independent from one another and is unaware of the other.

So, just an example, if you and I were living in two separate universes, and we were both looking at the sky, then the only way we both can be looking at the same sky is if somehow our two horizons have been able to overlap.

If the Multiverse theory is correct, and we will have the technology to merge universes into a single universe then it will be a really interesting thing indeed, yet again if each universe has its own laws of physics then the result of creating 1 universe from multiple universes can be catastrophic.

Now I am sure that some of the students who will be watching the lesson will regard the Multiverse as a philosophical hypothesis rather than a scientific hypothesis.

But regardless of each one of us specific outlook on this, what is certain is that famous individuals and companies nowadays have been able to successfully make this extremely ancient concept merging two universes into a reality.

Those famous individuals and companies had a desire to create an identical universe where there are not one but two versions of each one of us.

They have been able to mix seemingly unrelated worlds together in order to create a brand new world.

A brand new unique world which consists of a mixture of two worlds — the offline physical world and the online virtual world.

Those famous individuals and companies who have created this brand new unique world are companies that I am sure many of us have already heard about..

Let’s take the company Netflix, for example. Netflix is a streaming company, yet even though it is a streaming company that provides tv shows and movies, it has created video games.

And also the other way around Riot games, a video game company, making a Netflix show.

In my eyes, those companies are payoneers because they move the border of what is possible. In a few years time, people might take it for granted that a Streaming company can also create games, and that a gaming company can create a TV show.

With their actions today they change the acceptable norms.

Never again companies will have to choose either streaming or gaming.

Due to those companies’ barevery in exploring uncharted waters, companies in the future will not be limited to either this or that…they will start saying something like: wait a second….why not both.

The is just a small part of my much larger full Metaverse Essentials course which can be accessed here:

Ok, so that’s it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson…goodbye.



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