Why Does My TikTok Say 0 Views

Why Does My TikTok Say 0 Views

This might happen for TWO main reasons.

  1. Problem comes from TIKTOK: If you see that ALL your videos suddenly have 0 views this means that there is currently a problem with the TikTok feed, and it has nothing to do with your your own specific account.

I suggest that if this happens, you will check the Down Detector site, from time to time, to see if other people are also reporting about the same issue:


  1. Problem comes from YOU: If you are getting 0 views in just one / a few of your videos, then this might not be a current problem with TikTok, and you will need to go into the specific videos, and see if you are still able to use the ‘Share’ option.

If TikTok doesn’t let you share the video with others (via WhatsApp, Twitter or Snapchat, etc…) you will get a message on the video screen from TikTok that your video is under review.

The reason that your video is under review is because the TikTok Algorithm “suspects” that you are tying to publish a video that you don’t have rights to publish.

If you do feel that you have the rights to share the video, then simply wait a few minutes / hours and check again if you are able to share the video.

If you can, then you will shortly your views go up like always.

If not, then contact TikTok about the issue through the TikTok app.

Hope this helps,


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